About Tesha

Resident, Childcare Advocate, Small Business Owner

A proud entrepreneur, Buss opened two businesses in Plymouth during the 2008 recession—Good Commons, a retreat home; and The Good Bus. She continues to welcome guests to Good Commons.

Buss is experienced at renovating and permitting businesses at the state and local level. She has seen firsthand how much money can be saved in energy efficient building. She led the Rainbow Playschool Renovation Project. Through her efforts, Buss enabled the creation of many new childcare spots for infants and toddlers serving our district: Woodstock, Plymouth and Reading.

She was instrumental in opening a COVID-19 learning center The Community Campus, a place for kids to complete online learning while their parents returned to work in person when the pandemic shut down schools.

Buss entered public service in 2009, serving as an Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce board member and as the president of the Ludlow Rotary Club.

Buss learned her business skills growing up on her family farm. Her families other business, The Buss Stop, was a tavern which is now employee owned 38 years later. Following her passion for dance, she earned a BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University, moved to New York City, and performed for 15 years including the Broadway production of Cats. Seven seasons at The Weston Playhouse brought her to Vermont. 

Good Commons

Tesha proudly opened Good Commons’ doors in 2008.  She hosts retreats year-round with guests attending from all over the US in yoga, knitting, weaving, theatre, college prep boot camps, vacationers and more!  Good Commons is dedicated to providing an essential resource, a ‘home away from home’ where groups can be communally housed, fed locally sourced delicious meals and can enjoy all Vermont has to offer!

Rainbow Playschool

Tesha led the Rainbow Playschool Renovation Project creating many new childcare spots for infants and toddlers. She also created the 150 kW community solar array that powers the school, 16 homes and the Norman Williams Public Library.

Rainbow Playschool is a non-profit organization in the foothills of Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vermont. The center provides daycare and preschool services with an emphasis on play and outdoor education to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years old. Play. Learn. Grow.

The Community Campus

“We turned to Tesha because she gets things done, says Community Campus president Elizabeth Reaves. She led the efforts to create The Community Campus in order to provide children with a space to learn and play during the pandemic making it possible for families to return to jobs in person, knowing their children were cared for.”

The Community Campus is located on the Second Floor of the Rainbow Playschool building just steps from the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont.