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Tesha Buss

Vermont State Representative, Windsor-5

Meet Tesha

I grew up on a 4th generation family dairy farm in Illinois. I watched my parents, like so many, lose that farm in the early 80’s. They took over a run-down tavern and turned it into the town’s supper club. Almost 40 years later, it’s now employee-owned. They created work force housing and sold all their units on contract to residents that couldn’t qualify for bank loans.  

Solving Vermont’s problems means we need hard work on all levels.  I am currently building an ADU (Ancillary Dwelling Unit) through the State and EDC programs and working on a small housing project. The ADU program works to create one unit at a time, but when creating a multi-unit development, the model doesn’t work below 18 units. We need to do more for smaller projects that fit the look of our small towns.  

I expanded childcare here in Woodstock and know first hand the economic challenges. If parents pay affordable prices, the center doesn’t make enough income to pay living wages. If we aid childcare centers, both parents can be in the work force paying taxes. When those kids age up into our public education system, more kids in our schools means lower per pupil spending saving Vermonter’s property tax dollars.

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  “Tesha has first-hand experience of what it is like to run a business in Vermont–a perspective that is very important to have in the State House when shaping policies. And she has worked to solve local child care needs, a real priority for working people and the entire state.”
Charlie Kimbell
Windsor-5 State Rep, 2018 – 2022
Vermont Families

Families need an increase of affordable, high quality child care options.

Vermont Housing

In order for our work force to thrive, we need to break down barriers and create more affordable housing.

Vermont at Work

Vermont businesses need streamlined permitting and workers deserve a living wage.


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