Roundup: November-December 2022

It’s been a busy end to a busy year! I’ve had the chance to meet with many here in Windsor-5 and attend trainings in Montpelier. Other comings and goings:

  • Woodstock EDCs grant meet and greet to help new entrepreneurs
  • Bi-State breakfast to discuss childcare and the rising costs of health insurance
  • Women’s Caucus
  • Housing discussion on VT’s new VHIP Supplemental Grant program; this program will help with costs associated with creating Ancillary Dwelling Units, like the Section 8 apartment I’m creating above my garage.
  • Chamber of Commerce check-in
  • Checking in with a local reading specialist to get more decodable books in schools for the 1 in 5 kids with dyslexia in school. These books will also help kids that don’t respond to the ‘whole language approach’ to learning to read.
  • On Farm Restaurant discussions
  • Climate Caucus

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